Know where your facility keeps vaccine records for residents and staff. Does it vary by vaccine? How recent is the data that you can pull from your electronic health records or employee health records system?

Accessing this data is essential for tracking the implementation of new processes and your success during the project.

Some ways to improve documentation include:

  • Develop a standard process that lends itself to pulling routine reports on the immunization status of residents and staff

  • Send vaccine documentation information to IIS

  • Share your facility’s vaccination data with staff and residents, create an environment of transparency and accountability

Here are Some Resources to Better Educate Yourself on the Topic

Printable immunization record for medical providers View Here

Fisher Phillips

Article providing an overview of federal, state, and EEOC requirements for collecting and storing employee vaccine information View Here

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Requirements for documenting vaccines in paper or electronic charts and IISs, including a link to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) View Here