Frontline Staff Survey and In-Service

AMDA conducted a 2023 survey of frontline staff to determine professional development preferences and attitudes about vaccines.

Based on the findings, AMDA developed an in-service for staff to be delivered by a clinical supervisor, as well as a training to prepare the clinical supervisor to deliver the in-service.


This 30 minute PowerPoint slide deck neutrally covers which vaccines are recommended for residents and staff in post-acute and long-term care settings, why both residents and staff are at increased risk of illness due to their setting, and answers to frequently asked questions. It also features optional slides that can be tailored for the audience.

10-15 Minute Training for Supervisors Delivering the In-Service

This overview prepared those delivering the in-service with background on survey results that informed the in-service and an overview of content.

Evaluation Enrollment Form

Please help us evaluate these in-service materials for continuous improvement. AMDA is seeking 5 post-acute and long-term care facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities to complete a short online evaluation. Click below for information and to enroll.